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Webjay is one of those ideas I’ve been sitting around hoping would happen. It’s a tool that helps you listen to and publish web playlists. Here’s a Wired article that describes it and gives some back-story.

It seems a bit cluttered and difficult to navigate right now, but I think the potential is enormous.

Now I just have to get off my ass and cram my music in there. Crammity cram.

Posted on - April 10, 2004 [at] 1:24 pm by Brad
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dcomposed on Webjay
April 11, 2004 at 4:25 am

Cram it Roy.

Brad on Webjay
April 13, 2004 at 6:30 pm

Awesome, thank you Scott.

dcom on Webjay
April 13, 2004 at 10:16 pm

I don’t like all this direct linking. Anyone can just go and link to anything, with or without permission.

ie: I know SongFight doesn’t like their hosted files linked, but there’s this:

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