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I’m retiring, says George Michael:

Pop star George Michael is abandoning the music business to release his songs online for free instead.

The multi-millionaire singer said he will never make another album for sale in record shops because he does not need the cash and does not enjoy fame.

Fans will be given the option to make donations online in exchange for downloading the tracks, and the proceeds will be given to charity.


Posted on - March 10, 2004 [at] 4:31 pm by Brad
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Steven Garrity on George Michael Retiring Online
March 11, 2004 at 3:36 pm

You should announce your retirement from commecial music to release your music online too – maybe you’ll get written up by the BBC ;-)

Maximum on George Michael Retiring Online
April 9, 2005 at 4:54 am

As a big George Michael fan, i could only say that all the rumors around George Michael life had always made people gudge him NOT from an artistic point of view. I loved his music and still do, but i fully agree with him, not because i think he has no more to say with his music, but with the fact that private life should always come first or u’ll get lost in fame and success, as it was happening to him. But this is from George Michael, he always ot us used to split the best things at theirs top moment(..wham! remember?) But i guess that the word “retiring” is not matching. We’ll be able to listen to his future music on the web. He’s not dead, only his image will be, and i understand him. Try to live a life like he has done, being young beautiful and talented as he is and become one of the most rich man on the earth. Try not to lose ur head then in what life could give u…everything! he’s a man, with big balls and he is still demostrating it. We all are human beings firstly, then we can be carpenters, lawyers, pilots, truckers or musicians. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, but i guess this is the best way to see through life.
Maximum from Naples(Italy)

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