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Cedric wrote in to tell me about this Mixman remix contest:

The Producers of “LADJ The Movie” have chosen 32 Tracks from the Mixman Library — The Contest Trak-Pak. Use any version of Mixman to create your Remix. When finished, Export to RealAudio G2 format, and submit your Remix to Mixman Radio.

You can download the contest loops and a free version of StudioPro to do your remix and could win all sortsa crazy stuff like a Mixman DM2, a Gem DJ System, sample CDs, motherboards and video cards and more.

I think I’m too lazy to bother trying to learn some other software, but maybe some of you motivated people out there might be interested.

Posted on - December 16, 2003 [at] 3:22 pm by Brad
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BFjamZ on Mixman LADJ Remix Contest
December 18, 2003 at 7:45 pm

I submitted 3 songs into this contest and wonder exactly what is going on with it? I have already been ripped off by mixman, bought an upgrade to mixman pro software downloaded paid and the key didnt work? so know i have the app with no key. Also about this contest, i have submitted 3 and now only one shows up? very strange indeed…

we’ll see.. anyway, stumbled on this website, very interesting stuff. Please visit mine if you are interested in listening to my gaming mixes! ;)

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