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Got another friendly email this morning from CD Baby. It’s looking like digital distribution for my album I Don’t Know What I’m Doing is getting closer and closer. So far I’ve had to buy a barcode for my album and today I had to get ISRC codes for the songs on the album, whatever those are. They were free though and they look like this: us-hm8-03-09972 (that’s for Making Me Nervous).

The impression I get is that CD Baby is saving me from doing a lot of stupid paperwork and for that I heart them. If my stuff actually shows up on all these services I never use that would be super sweet as well.

Posted on - December 8, 2003 [at] 12:06 pm by Brad
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blindmime on Digital Distribution The Sequel
December 8, 2003 at 2:06 pm

There’s a service being started called Weed Share that looks pretty interesting:

Basically it encourages people to share your music. Listeners can play the files 3 times then they pay if they want to keep them. If they pay, the person (publisher) who passed it on gets 20% of the sale (the artist gets 50%) and there’s a sliding scale from 15-10-5 (I think that’s how it works) each time its passed on from there. Something like that.

I heard about it ‘cos Derek says he had lunch with them about putting CDBaby artist tracks through the service. (got that from the musicthoughts list) I guess they’re working out the details and stuff and percentages might be different, but Derek mentioned something cool like maybe people could send a hard drive of their “published” songs (a song could be published by anyone and multiple people) they could update and promote at will. You could host your own drive space too. So a place like spewgrass could publish all of our songs or I could publish songs through and SongFight could do it and so on. Getting more and more people to publish and promote and share your music would be the thing, as I understand it.

victor on Digital Distribution The Sequel
December 8, 2003 at 2:07 pm


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