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The fine fellas at Songfight pointed this article out to me, which talks about a lot of the lack of music filters on the net that I was complaining about the other day. But unlike me who just whined, this article actually pointed out a few neat things, like this iRATE software:

One promising though unpolished piece of software for finding new music is called iRATE Radio, created by a New Zealand computer programmer named Anthony Jones. It serves up a steady flow of legal MP3s from sites like IUMA, which are then rated by the user.

I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I think it’s great that people are working on this sort of stuff, seeing the potential in the net indie scene, etc, etc, blah blah.

Posted on - November 20, 2003 [at] 12:26 am by Brad
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Ken on iRATE
November 20, 2003 at 8:45 pm

I don’t know. The problem with collaborative voting is that people are more likely to vote for things that are already popular. Like on, the “top 40 songs” list allowed you to listen to them straight from the homepage. So, of course, they stayed popular. I think “Red Delicious” was in the top 40 for something like 3 years.

Also, there’s something to be said for a few people with good taste making choices as opposed to everybody with questionable taste making choices. I still think that it needs to be a concerted effort by a few individuals.

Don on iRATE
November 24, 2003 at 12:52 pm

It actually seems to work pretty well. I think it means collaborative in the sense that it compares your ratings for songs with those of people who rate the same songs similarly, not which songs are most popular. It did a great job of finding the psiloveyou song Jack Shite put on the Outside the Inbox disc, which is still making me laugh =p

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