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Today my CD-R drive fails on every CD I try to burn. Looks like a new drive must be purchased this weekend. Let’s hope the next drive isn’t a SISSY LITTLE BABY like this one. (Maybe shame will make it work.)

Update: Shame had no effect.

Posted on - October 31, 2003 [at] 11:41 am by Brad
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Dropping Out Of School
Genre: Rock
Length: 2:45
Date: 10/30/03

These song notes are so much fun to write. I should make a generic “NOT TOO SURE ABOUT THIS ONE, RELEASING IT ANYWAY” template and use that from now on.

Posted on - October 30, 2003 [at] 11:00 pm by Brad
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Today I had pictures taken possibly for the Toronto Star. That was a really weird experience and now I am drinking heavily to help get the weird out. (Also I just like drinking heavily.)

I also got a $35 ticket on the way home for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. It could have been $120, so I am thankful to the Ontario police, who are my lords and masters.

Posted on - October 29, 2003 [at] 7:20 pm by Brad
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A week ago I was interviewed for an Outside the Inbox article for the Montreal daily La Presse and it ran today. Here it is:

«Les paroles à l’intérieur des chansons n’utilisent pas des mots pris aux pourriels, mais elles s’inspirent de leurs titres», explique Brad qui a réuni des collaborateurs de toute l’Amérique du Nord pour produire les 14 titres de Outside the Inbox.

I have no idea what I said there but I sure hope it’s awesome.

Posted on - October 28, 2003 [at] 1:55 pm by Brad
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Outside the Inbox is the site of the week on Maxim Online it seems:

Unless it’s the easy-to-prepare, mechanically extracted meat counterpart, nobody likes to see spam first thing every morning. Now you can share your disdain for these time-wasting, bulk-addressed e-mails through time-wasting, poorly produced pop songs at Brad Sucks. Visiting will increase your penis size by three to six inches in under a month!

Did Maxim just diss us/me? First they make me feel ugly and now this.

Posted on - October 25, 2003 [at] 10:27 pm by Brad
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I’ve been told the article on Outside the Inbox should show up tomorrow in La Presse.

Some songs from Outside the Inbox are apparently being played on WMBC thanks to Wes Weber.

Outside the Inbox was mentioned (on air?) on 5FM, a South African (i think) radio station.

Thanks to everyone who has been linking to it and mentioning it!

Posted on - October 23, 2003 [at] 12:58 pm by Brad
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Here I sit waiting for any one of my two bulk orders of padded mailers to show up so I can mail off more CDs.

I also have learned that my CD burner overheats or something after doing 10-15 CDs in a row and starts burning coasters.

Posted on - October 23, 2003 [at] 12:40 pm by Brad
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Many thanks to Tycho and also a big well hello there to everyone coming in from Penny Arcade, one of the only comics I read (along with Bob the Angry Flower).

Posted on - October 22, 2003 [at] 3:17 pm by Brad
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Between churning out CDs and going to the office supply store to buy them out of mailing envelopes over and over, I’ve been meaning to blog some of the crazy hype Outside the Inbox has been getting, so here’s a list of some of the bigger media coverage so that I can impress my mom:

The Register (UK)
Folha Online (Brazil)
PCforalla (Sweden)
Security Focus
San Jose Business Journal

Outside the Inbox has so far made it to #8 on Blogdex, and you can track some (but only a tiny amount) of the weblog linkage here:

And my personal hero Leo Laporte from The Screen Savers linked to it here.

I’ve done phone interviews with the San Jose Business Journal and Montreal’s La Presse. Apparently the compilation has been mentioned on BBC Radio and I signed a waiver to allow LBC 97.3 to broadcast any of the Outside the Inbox or Brad Sucks stuff. Eric Wiltsher has told me they’re going to let me know when that’s going to happen so I can let you folks know.

I am assuming one day I will have time to work on music again.

Posted on - October 21, 2003 [at] 6:32 pm by Brad
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The Register noticed Outside the Inbox. That is like a nerd dream come true.

Posted on - October 21, 2003 [at] 1:42 am by Brad
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