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Anti-RIAA Flyers from Downhill Battle. I’m just a big softy for civil disobedience.

Posted on - September 4, 2003 [at] 11:20 pm by Brad
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Koneko on Anti-RIAA Flyers
December 3, 2004 at 5:12 pm

Anti-RIAA! PeerGuardian for webs!

Hi, I’m a japanese programmer, sorry for my strange English.

I have created the TearDropsCounter program ( ) , in ASP and PHP, that everybody can intall in the webserver.

The program TearDropsCounter have others amazing options anti spy… ;) but the main function is the next:

When someone enter in a web protected with TearDropsCounter, analize the IP and show the pages…. but if the program detect user from RIAA , CIA , FBI , Police of a lot of countries , SDMI, BSA, Sony, organizations anti Peer2Peer like BMI (USA), SACEM (France), GEMA (Germany), AKM (Austria), SIAE (Italy), SGAE (Spain), SABAM (Belgium), etc.

The program is totally compatible with the IP block list “guarding.p2p” from

If your search a program for detect who spy your web and ban the bad people, this is your program. Soon the web will be translated in other languages.

Thaks for your atention. =(^o^)=

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