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I’m just about finished my little compilation of my songs which I will call an album. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to convert the songs into CD format without costing me a ton of money or sticking me with a big batch of CDs I can’t sell because everyone just downloads the MP3s instead or doesn’t care.

I asked about CD duplication on the Songfight message board and got some really helpful replies.

I originally thought I’d just stick the album on Cafe Shops and be done with it, but since then I think I’ve decided that I want to distribute my album with CD Baby because they seem really frigging hip and on the ball. CD Baby requires a minimum of five CDs sent to them. With Cafe Press that would cost me $8.99 US a CD and then shipping on top of that. That is crazy expensive and dumb.

So this week I’m trying to figure out how possible it would be to make the CDs here on my own, at least in a limited run capacity. That and maybe DollarCD seem like the best options right now.

It would be nice to have a super slick product to try to sell all y’all, but I think it would be even nicer to be able to keep the cost real low. There is nothing more rock and roll than saving money.

Posted on - August 18, 2003 [at] 8:43 pm by Brad
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