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As I am competing in Songfight this week, I am going to log all the critiques people post in this thread here like Bryan at Blind Mime does. So far we have:

“I liked the musical intro. Well performed. I can’t stand this radio style unfortunately; any number of (to me, irritating) mainstream bands might have written this, which may be a compliment to you. Take it how you see it. Decent use of the title with the “satisfaction/bad attraction” bit. 6” – Jesse

“It got my vote.” – untoward

“just great, everything about it i liked. even went to you site to get a few other songs.” – Self Supporting Squirrel Cage (hi!)

“This is a solid rock song. It’s not really my thing, but it’s not bad.” – Lady PFM

“WROCK! You totally pull off a believeable gritty vibe here. Again, I compare to the White Stripes. “I can tell by your middle finger that you’re warming up to me.” Funny as hell. I like this a lot, actually, though I can’t be much more specific. I just happen to be in the mood for this kind of music, I guess, and when I’m in the mood for it, I seriously love this stuff. Keeper.” – Jon Eric

“from the intro alone, you could have told me that this was a new audioslave song and i’d never question it. the vocals help carry into its own direction. the “middle finger” line is amusing to me. the snare is so deliciously overcompressed. i always loved overcompressing programmed drums. rock and roll in its true form is a rarity around these parts, so you’re already doing well in my book. a better guitar tone could have gotten you the b+, but i shall give you a B due to the painful midrange and lack of low end.” – The Idiot King

“Very good vocals. Ben Harper meets Eddie Vedder. A lot of music of this style is attempted on SF, but it rarely works. I wish the chorus were a little more interesting. With the one-chord verses, my ear is begging for a change of any kind in the chorus, but it really sounds just like the verse. Too bad, because otherwise this is solid, and if it ends up winning I won’t feel that the world is unjust. 6.” – Jimmy KO

“You had me from the beginning. I picture this as Led Zeppelin and Nirvana meeting up in a dark alley. The vocals are great, the production is tight, the lyrics are cool.. The guitar tone is kick-ass, the solo rocks. It is VERY likely that you will get my vote.

CHANCES THAT I WILL LISTEN TO THIS SONG AGAIN = Will listen to this one over, and over, and over, and….” – Glenn Case

“Brad does not suck! Lemme tell you that! I mean, sure, you’ve got the cock in the rock, but it uh, rolls! Or something! Good music, yessir. Sounds very good for having two electrics and no bass.
****” – sparks

“this one is huge. I absolutely love the vibe this has going for it. Great guitar riff, great vocals which perfectly match the vibe of the guitar. This is what guy and guitar should sound like. Very lenny kravitz, hendrix, jon spencer. This will be very hard to beat. Nice ending too” – jack shite

“No point in stopping the comparisons now…this reminds me of a Lennie Kravits song. A lot. It really rocks too. Good vocals also. I’d love to hear a nice dirty bass line on this one. And then see the video. 5/5” – Tryx Nia

“Brad sure as hell doesn’t suck; he’s actually quite good. I like the intro, a lot. And all of your transitions are smooth and great. The song is catchy and the guitar playing is slick. Though it’s not complex it gets to the point and is played without any kind of missed notes. Good tempo and good key. I like it, maybe if it was longer you could do more…89%” – Intense

“I don’t really like the style, but I can appreciate that this is very well done. I won’t pick on your tag because I’m prone to the same sort of thing, and, hey, at least you spelled “reaction” right.” – bzl

“quite like this one. really like the guitar grunts in the beginning, nice vox, nice changes. cool. yer the spam guy! sounds a bit like lenny kravitz.” – HeuristicsInc

“I like this a lot. It’s well produced and interesting. Kinda like Lenny Kravitz vs a mellow Rob Zombie. Or maybe not. Your voice fit the song excellently, and it was the right legnth. I dont’ know what Brad Sucks at, but it wasn’t this week’s entry. +” – prayformojo

“This is like something I might have heard on Canadian rock radio in the 90’s. Very tight sound, but needs more low frequencies, either from a bass guitar, or just pull more lows out of the kick and snare to compensate.” – remopear

“Everyone whining about ‘it doesn’t have enough bass,’ shut it. This song rocks the god-damn socks, bass or no bass. Buy some new speakers. This is my new favorite ‘get out of bed and get myself psyched up to CHAT ON IRC’ song. I mean, work. Work, not chat on IRC.” – Blue

“I like the production and your slacker presentation. A lot. I don’t knwo your influences that well, so I probably misinterpret what you say about them. I don’t associate that impression with what I hear you producing. Most likely, this means nothing.” – roymond

“Ahh! Rockin’ groove. I wish the guitar were a little more “ringy” and a bit “feedbacky”, but other than that, it grooves me. The vocals sound awesome. I enjoy the “middle finger” reference thoroughly. Rox0r. ” – adjuster

“BRADRAWKS: This is a cross between AudioSlave, Lenny Kravitz, and CLUTCH. This is my favorite song this week. Anybody who screams SATISFACTION over really cool screaming guitars is my hero of the day. I really really like the groove. I like the raw energy and simplicity of the sound. Just rocks out. I like the lyrics especially about the eye socket stuff. This gets thrown into the collection and gets my vote. Great work Brad.” – Hoblit

More as they’re posted.

Posted on - August 6, 2003 [at] 5:53 pm by Brad
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6 Comments on this post

dcomposed on Songfight Feedback
August 7, 2003 at 1:32 am

It voted for you and Sex Piano!

dcomposed on Songfight Feedback
August 7, 2003 at 5:30 am

I’m such a pimp ninja cheating like that.

kaddar on Songfight Feedback
August 7, 2003 at 10:51 pm

I’d trade my art skills for your musician’s skills anyday.

johnm on Songfight Feedback
August 7, 2003 at 11:10 pm

Well I registered for the songfight forum but the admin hasn’t approved me yet so I can’t post!

I loved the song. Got my vote. I had to vote for it because it was the only rock song in the list. I loved the guitar riffs kind of led zepish. The fuzzy distortion was right on although the tone could have been a little better. I’ve subscribed to your song notification list and hope to see more songs soon!

scottandrew on Songfight Feedback
August 8, 2003 at 4:33 pm

Damn, Brad, SongFight is in big trouble if you keep raising the bar like this. I wish I had a basement so I could scream like that without waking up the neighbours.*

(*obligatory Bryan Adams reference for the Canadians in the audience)

zack on Songfight Feedback
August 8, 2003 at 8:17 pm

Brad, I may have to ask you to stop competing, as you lower sex piano’s chances of winning even more. On the plus side, sonfight may inspire you to make even more music than you do, and more bradsucks is a good thing.
I am conflicted.

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