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I am really really excited about Cubase 2 which was announced the other day. You can watch the kinda lame Flash movie but here are screenshots of the new Project window and Mixer window. The sweetest thing is that it’s apparently out on September 4th! That’s like totally soon!

I’m still looking around for a full list of features.

Posted on - August 30, 2003 [at] 6:27 pm by Brad
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My mother says that track 9 (Overreacting) is “it” and “could go far” and my dad says that with some more instruments, track 4 (Bad Attraction), “could be a good song”.

It’s also worth noting that while my mother offered to pay for the CD, she made me deduct shipping from the $5 price and I have yet to receive payment. My father, on the other hand, just asked to borrow a copy and then didn’t return it.

Posted on - August 28, 2003 [at] 9:25 pm by Brad
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So with some hesitation I decided today to send my CDs into $35 setup fee and they’re going to charge $4 markup on each CD, but I’m hoping it will get the album in front of a few more indie music fans who might be Brad Sucks compatible.

Posted on - August 27, 2003 [at] 7:59 pm by Brad
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Well, I submitted Brad Sucks: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing to CDDB (I think) the other night and it has been showing up in Winamp, but I can’t find any mention of it on either the CDDB for freedb website. So I dunno what’s going on with that.

Posted on - August 27, 2003 [at] 11:53 am by Brad
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All the Brad Sucks: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing CDs that have been ordered were mailed this afternoon. I assume it’ll take about a week or so for the ones in North America and I have no idea how long for the overseas ones.

I have a bunch more albums here all prepared and ready to go. So if you order one now you are free of the guilt of making me burn and label a CD. You will have only the guilt of making me address an envelope to contend with.

Posted on - August 26, 2003 [at] 12:45 am by Brad
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I slaved over CDs and envelopes and labels tonight to get all the CDs that were ordered ready. Barring some terrible unforeseen obstacle, they should all be in the mail tomorrow afternoon. Thanks to everyone who ordered one and also a big thanks to everyone who has been linking to me!

Posted on - August 24, 2003 [at] 10:59 pm by Brad
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I’ve decided to start up forums again, but this time with a twist:

I get asked a lot of questions about home recording and songwriting and music business stuff. I also ask a lot of questions about home recording and songwriting and music business stuff. The questions and answers generally just disappear into thin air.

The idea is to use this forum for question asking and answering and archive everything so that it hopefully becomes somewhat of a Frequently Asked Questions file of music and recording eventually.

Everyone is welcomed to ask and answer questions. The best stuff will be kept and organized so that new people can easily browse through it. While I’m by no means an expert, I will try to answer any serious questions people ask and I will be encouraging musician and industry pals of mine to do the same.

The forums are pretty generic still, but they’re open.

Posted on - August 23, 2003 [at] 3:33 pm by Brad
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Brad Sucks: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing now for sale.

It’s homemade. It’s $5 US including shipping worldwide. I think it sounds pretty darn good.

Posted on - August 21, 2003 [at] 7:39 pm by Brad
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I finished the Brad Sucks album today. It’s called I Don’t Know What I’m Doing and has twelve songs on it, mostly ones that are on this site though they’ve been tweaked and improved. I’ll post a track list soon. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

After a whole lot of investigation and research, it seems the best option is for me to just burn CDs and mail them off as people order them. It would be nice to have cool packaging, but I really can’t find a way to do that without it costing either me or you guys a bunch of money.

Best case scenario is that I come close to breaking even, the album is really inexpensive and it gets into a fair number of people’s hands. These should not be crazy goals, but apparently they are.

Posted on - August 21, 2003 [at] 12:47 am by Brad
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I think I’m just about done the Brad Sucks album. There is so much I don’t know about mastering and mixing it is just stupid.

The only thing left to be done (I think) is to worry that the volumes of all the tracks are approximately the same. I think they’re “close enough” right now, but could probably be closer to perfect.

I wrote to both and the other day but either haven’t gotten replies or I’ve lost them while deleting the literally kabillions of Sobig viruses I’ve received today. I think I’ve figured out my plan for distribution and it is both cunning and sad.

Posted on - August 20, 2003 [at] 3:13 pm by Brad
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