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Blogathon 2003 is a-go and I’m finding it pretty cool. I posted this thread to Metafilter to find out what other Blogathons people are watching and to get the word out about my favorite at the moment, Pet Rock Star^S.

From Metafilter I have found out about Crushing Krisis, who is, apparently the original song blogger.

If I have the stones, I may try this myself one day. I’m not sure I could condense all my retarded artist angst into a 24 hour period however.

Posted on - July 26, 2003 [at] 1:38 pm by Brad
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Brad on Blogathon is on
July 26, 2003 at 1:43 pm

I think it is weird that this post by me is automatically trackbacked to my post on Metafilter.

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