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Cortisone shot went okay. Everyone keeps telling me they hurt really, really badly. At Easter my aunt was explaining how incredibly painful hers was. This one was even better than the first one and the first one was OK.

My arm didn’t do that crazy seizing up thing for hours afterwards either, so that’s a bonus. It’s just a bit sore.

And the roid rage is a refreshing change of pace.

Posted on - April 24, 2003 [at] 1:34 am by Brad
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melissa on Cortisone aftermath
December 20, 2006 at 9:44 am

so, i found your blog by googling cortisone shot and sick…. i have strep and an upper respiratory infection, and im supposed to get this cortisone shot in my tailbone in an hour and a half. they say to tell them if you have a cold because they might need to reschedule it. but i dont really want to reschedule it, but i dont really want to die under the anesthesia either…hmm, what to do.

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