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I’ve been told that the video footage for the Overreacting video is being picked up today. So that’s pretty cool.

Posted on - April 29, 2003 [at] 3:28 pm by Brad
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On Friday night I made the decision to quit taking lessons with my particular vocal teacher. She was very nice and a very good singer, but I felt like I was paying $20 a week to just hang out and sing for half an hour. Very little direction or advice or instruction was given, which kept frustrating me as I felt I could do all of that on my own.

Each time I’d get frustrated I would try to push the lessons more in that direction, which would help temporarily and then kind of peter out. I felt like I was way more concerned with goals than my teacher was.

So I decided to quit, which is a drag and makes this my second somewhat failed attempt at getting a vocal coach.

I’m going to continue on with the scales I was taught beceause I did feel that practicing them was improving my voice. I did confirm that I was breathing properly, which was something that concerned me. So it wasn’t all a loss.

Probably when I work up the nerve and vocal angst again I’ll go and look for another teacher. La di da.

Posted on - April 28, 2003 [at] 5:08 pm by Brad
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I’ve been meaning to complain here about books on mixing and recording not including audio example CDs. I don’t understand why they don’t all come with them. They don’t cost much to include and it seems stupid to even try to talk about audio concepts without audio examples to illustrate what the hell you’re talking about.

I own a lot of books on recording, and yet for some reason Sound Advice on Developing Your Home Studio is the first one I’ve bought with an included audio CD. This is just one book in the six book InstantPro series and as the name implies, it mostly covers things like cables, monitor positioning and room acoustics.

It would be a good book without the audio CD. For a small book (79 pages), it has quite a bit of detailed and practical information for the beginner. But with the CD, it’s fantastic. You can write pages and pages about why it’s a good idea to worry about your studio acoustics, but one good audio example will get the job done better.

The book covered a lot of stuff I was already familiar with and didn’t have a lot of new information for me. However, the audio CD was well worth it and I’m really interested in checking out some of the other books and CDs in the series, particularly Compressors, Limiters, Expanders & Gates, and Equalizers, Reverbs & Delays.

Posted on - April 24, 2003 [at] 11:51 pm by Brad
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Thanks to my sworn enemy mAAk for putting together this link button for me:

Now you all have no excuse for not linking to me all over the frigging place.

Posted on - April 24, 2003 [at] 7:27 pm by Brad
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Work Out Fine
Genre: Rock/Folk
Length: 4:03
Date: 04/24/03
Album: Brad Sucks: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Here’s a song I wrote the other day while having various retarded life issues. My voice is all low because I had a cold at the time. I had to remove all the takes with me coughing in them. I didn’t realize the cold was affecting my voice until I listened to the recordings and apparently I’m too lazy to re-do them.

Posted on - April 24, 2003 [at] 6:21 pm by Brad
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Cortisone shot went okay. Everyone keeps telling me they hurt really, really badly. At Easter my aunt was explaining how incredibly painful hers was. This one was even better than the first one and the first one was OK.

My arm didn’t do that crazy seizing up thing for hours afterwards either, so that’s a bonus. It’s just a bit sore.

And the roid rage is a refreshing change of pace.

Posted on - April 24, 2003 [at] 1:34 am by Brad
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For your records, today I get another cortisone shot in dee arm at 1:15pm.

Posted on - April 22, 2003 [at] 9:39 am by Brad
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Madonna Has Choice Words For Music Pirates:

The Madonna camp is looking to clamp down on online peer-to-peer piracy of her new Maverick album, “American Life,” by flooding file-sharing networks with decoy files. Those who download tracks from such services as KaZaA are greeted by the voice of Madonna asking, “What the f*** do you think you’re doing?” The new album is due April 22; the title track is No. 37 this week on the Billboard Hot 100.

Posted on - April 18, 2003 [at] 1:20 am by Brad
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Sick as a Dog
Genre: Rock
Length: 3:12
Date: 04/16/2003
Album: Brad Sucks: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

I wrote and recorded this pretty quickly. Coincidentally, right after recording it I got a cold which I am suffering from as I write this.

Posted on - April 16, 2003 [at] 9:40 pm by Brad
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Tuning Windows XP for Audio/Music Applications may be of interest to some of the PC home recordists out there.

Posted on - April 16, 2003 [at] 7:43 pm by Brad
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