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I had been noticing lately that my acoustic guitar is hard to play. It’s the only one I play so I don’t really know. I’m also left handed so I don’t really try out other people’s guitars at all. I got what I got and I try to make the most of it.

What with my arm being destroyed I started wondering if maybe I should investigate having mine adjusted. I took it to a local guitar store and was told that the neck was warped and the action is horrible, the strings are way off the neck. This probably got worse gradually so I didn’t notice it.

He dropped the strings down and adjusted the neck for $40 (including new strings) and I got the guitar back inside one day. It’s amazingly easier to play now. I’m not really much of a guitar geek so this is all surprising and bewildering to me. Very, very happy with it.

Posted on - March 27, 2003 [at] 8:19 pm by Brad
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Fixing My Brain
Genre: Ballad
Time: 4:14
Date: 03/25/2003
Album: Brad Sucks: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

This is some song I did. It’s kind of different than most of my other stuff, I think. I paid a lot of attention to the mix and then encoded it at 128k which makes it sound extra assy. Maybe I’ll think of something interesting to say about it one day, but not to-day.

Posted on - March 25, 2003 [at] 11:03 pm by Brad
Tagged in - has launched its CD service. This is definitely very interesting seeing as though I’ve already used CafePress a bunch for Stripcreator merchandise.

Very neat stuff, this future of ours.

Posted on - March 21, 2003 [at] 7:32 pm by Brad
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I’ve been playing around with XML RSS aggregators once again and changed the feed here on to contain the entire entries instead of just a little excerpt. So if you’ve got a decent aggregator, you never have to visit this site again. Hooray for the Internet!

Posted on - March 18, 2003 [at] 4:02 pm by Brad
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With the theory that it will make my final mixes better and easier, I’ve been trying to put more of an effort in to pay close attention to the sound quality of my recordings. As I recorded vocals for a song yesterday I experimented with my two microphones. I posted a question about this to the home recording BBS:

I own both of these microphones. I bought them when I knew absolutely nothing about recording (I know only slightly more now). I’m running them both through my Mackie 1202 VLZ and am monitoring on Event 20/20bas monitors.

When I record my voice using them, I swear I prefer the sound of my cheap Shure SM48 over the vastly more expensive and critically acclaimed MXL V67.

The V67 sounds a bit fuller but at the same time kind of muddier and it’s harder getting it to sit in a mix properly.

Is this possible or am I just crazy? Maybe my voice is naturally muddy or something.

I received a lot of helpful replies which you can read over there if you’re so inclined.

Posted on - March 18, 2003 [at] 10:31 am by Brad
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While trying to get my retarded arm working again, I decided to blow some money on books. Ordered them last week and received them late last week. Here they is:

Set Your Voice Free by Roger Love

The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook by Bobby Owsinski

Behind the Glass: Top Record Producers Tell How They Craft the Hits by Howard Massey

Basic Mixing Techniques by Paul White

So far I’ve mostly read the Mixing Engineer’s Handbook and Behind the Glass and they’re both very interesting. Behind the Glass is all interviews and the Handbook is about 70% interviews. It can definitely get annoying to read so many engineers and producers contradict each other. One interview will be all “You gotta use tons of compression, man. If you don’t, your records are shit and I stake my entire illustrious career and in fact my very life on it!” and the next one will denounce compression as the downfall of Western civilization. Which I might be OK with. It’s all horribly subjective is what I’m saying.

Maybe I’ll write reviews of them later. I meant to review Cubase SX Power! but I plum forgot about it.

Posted on - March 17, 2003 [at] 9:12 am by Brad
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On Friday they shot my arm up with cortisone. My arm freaked out and went all batty for most of Friday, then after that it was just sore. Now I’m pretty much back to where I was before the shot except that my hand cramps up a little easily and my elbow is all bruised where they stuck the needle in.

The needle really wasn’t anything extra scary or anything, much to the dismay of my enemies. Pretty much your average injection.

My doctor told me to get in touch if the arm still hurt in two weeks.

Posted on - March 11, 2003 [at] 9:03 pm by Brad
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Due to my mental retardation, the cortisone shot is postponed until this Friday. Ah yes, the needles, how I love to anticipate them…

Posted on - March 3, 2003 [at] 10:04 pm by Brad
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