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Somehow Monster Trucks managed to be really lame. What is up with that? Besides being kind of funny in its lameness at a couple of points and adhering to various Monster Truck cliches that I’ve seen on TV, it really had nothing going on despite its best efforts.

I also felt bad for the announcer fellow who was trying his very best to rally the crowd into going absolutely nuts for nothing interesting. “Some pretty average looking vehicles are going to drive around the track! WE WANNA HEAR YOUR CHEERS!” Dude, like, no.

Posted on - February 3, 2003 [at] 10:39 am by Brad
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Darin on Lame lame lame
February 3, 2003 at 8:52 pm

Yeah i remember going to the monster trucks back in elementary school. I had such huge expectations, i collected all the little micro-machine monster trucks and such. Then when i got there, they crushed like 2 cars, zipped around the ring a couple times and that was it. Such a dissapointment. I cant imagine those things are easy to drive though. Oh well.

Brad on Lame lame lame
February 4, 2003 at 10:50 am

Yeah, I mean it was technically impressive I guess. A bit. I’m not really much of a car guy though. I also didn’t buy into the competition angle much. If it wasn’t predetermined and fake, it should have been. And if it’s predetermined and fake it should be really entertaining. Meh. Wrestling was a way better show.

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