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Tonight, sick with a cold, I’m mulling over the idea of getting a Primesounds account.

I had been thinking about blowing some money on sample CDs lately so I can have royalty free ill fresh drum sounds at my disposal for whenever I want to be a lame whiteboy hip hopper, but I’m afraid of spending $150 Canadian on a CD and it being garbage.

Primesounds offers a huge amount of samples and loops for download. A yearly subscription costs $150 US, which is a little under the price of two sample CDs. I’ve run through the library a bit and previewed some loops and liked a kit if them.

I may get one of the Megabyte accounts and give it a shot. $15 for 50 MB downloads, $50 for 300 MB, with various flavors in between.

Still, the idea of robbing someone with a lot of sample CDs does seem more awesome somehow.

Posted on - December 17, 2002 [at] 9:07 pm by Brad
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Creative Commons is a pretty cool idea and actually something I’ve been thinking about for a while now (though admittedly not nearly in such detail). Essentially the Creative Commons is a set of licenses intended for artists to use to clearly specify which elements of their copyright they wish to enforce.

I think it’s an interesting idea and I may look into it further when I have a bit more time to spend staring at license agreements.

While I think the icons they provide are very useful for creators to communicate their copyright desires to other people, I’m unsure of how useful such a license would really be if a copyright dispute went to court. Would a judge take the licenses seriously?

Posted on - December 16, 2002 [at] 3:16 pm by Brad
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I’ve finally updated the FAQ with how to get the source files for Brad Sucks songs.

Basically, I’ll mail you a CD with the source for the songs you want for five US dollars. That’s shipping and everything.

Posted on - December 16, 2002 [at] 2:26 pm by Brad
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Today I finally got off my ass and set up singing lessons for this weekend. My girlfriend bought me a gift certificate for lessons on my birthday (which was on November 14th) and I’ve managed to put them off until today (which is December 12th). That’s because I rule, baby!

I tried taking lessons one time before but the instructor had some stability problems so I only got one lesson out of that. I’m hoping this one goes a bit better. I’m thinking it will. Then I’ll be like the singingest jerk there ever was.

Posted on - December 12, 2002 [at] 12:33 pm by Brad
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Despite being busy beyond my means as it is, for some reason I’ve decided to put together a Stripcreator CD Swap. I’m hoping it doesn’t get too annoying or I’ll have to hide and cry.

Posted on - December 11, 2002 [at] 3:29 pm by Brad
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