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One of the behind the scenes benefits of being a net musician is a whole new type of spam:

I was just browsing through and had to tell you how awesome your music sounds!
I don’t know how your promotional efforts are going, but I know I can help you get the exposure you need. My name is Michaelantonio, and I am a talent scout who makes people famous.
Below is my personal recruiting website, where you can get started on your journey to STARDOM!
I look forward to working with you.

They usually then ask you for fifty bucks to look at your stuff. Then you start thinking that if so many people are trying this scam, it might actually work and maybe you should quit the whole music thing and start trying to scam money out of musicians fifty bucks at a time.

Posted on - October 29, 2002 [at] 12:38 pm by Brad
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So as a test of my ability to record a song in Cubase SX, I put together this short little rock track called Quit Complaining.

My first problem with it was that a few friends of mine had issues with the ending, which I’m not sure how to fix. So I’ll wait until someone gives me specific instructions.

My second problem with it is that I just recently found out that the verse guitar riff is almost exactly the same as the riff in “She Hates Me” by Puddle of Mudd (which I like a lot). They’re fairly different tracks, but yet I’m still apparently accidentally a hack, which sucks. I usually prefer to deliberately be a hack instead of having it surprise me like this.

So I’ve uploaded it. You can check it out and judge me. It’ll be fun.

Posted on - October 25, 2002 [at] 8:07 pm by Brad
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Quit Complaining
Genre: Rock/Pop
Time: 1:48
Date: 10/25/2002

I wanted to test out my Cubase SX and threw this quick track together. Then there was a little bit of internal drama afterwards, but then that seemed to fade away somehow, as though I were too lazy to continue caring.

Posted on - October 25, 2002 [at] 2:49 pm by Brad
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For the past month I’ve been thinking about selling my sampler and buying one of these things:

It’s an electronic drum pad/kit thing. You hit it with sticks and it makes drum sounds.

But I’m not 100% convinced I’d actually use this thing and I’m not sure it’s worth $250 US to find out.

Posted on - October 21, 2002 [at] 1:34 pm by Brad
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So I’m like “okay I want to apply reverb to the whole stinking track” and Cubase is like “no way man” and I’m like “come on man, I need reverb! totally! on the whole stinking track!” and Cubase is like “sorry, were you talking to me?” and I’m like “OF COURSE I WAS TALKING TO YOU! WHAT THE!” and then like there’s a long pause and then a huge fist fight which I lose and then I decide to go to bed.

Posted on - October 20, 2002 [at] 5:08 am by Brad
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My few songs are back online for your downloading and listening pleasure.

I’m having some issues with style sheets, so the site kind of freaks out when you resize it real narrow. Hopefully I can get that fixed soon for all the narrow-browser having folks out there.

Posted on - October 19, 2002 [at] 3:58 pm by Brad
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Well, how about that. After half a day I seem to have gotten it going. Movable Type is pretty sweet and definitely a great deal better than that bastard system I wrote for the last incarnation of this site and also less work to maintain, hopefully.

There’s still a lot of screwing with it to be done, but all of my previous entries were imported and I’m pretty impressed with how slick everything is.

Posted on - October 18, 2002 [at] 5:37 pm by Brad
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Tomorrow is going to be the day that I begin to try and switch over to Movable Type. Hopefully it will work and everything won’t break and so on.

Posted on - October 18, 2002 [at] 12:55 am by Brad
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So I think I’ve decided to abandon Acid and switch to Cubase SX. Acid’s been kind to me, but after being frustrated with mixing the other day for the kabillionth time, I tried to mix some of my old tracks in Cubase and sweet Jesus was it ever nicer. I had gotten used to having a one second delay every time I change an EQ setting in Acid and in Cubase it’s instant. INSTANT!

But the interface is batty. I just have no clue what’s going on. I managed to import some old audio files and horse around with them, but the idea of actually writing a track in there is a little daunting. The simplicity of Acid was mostly what I liked about it and Cubase seems like Acid’s more complicated older brother that’s been translated into German and back a couple of times.

Posted on - October 4, 2002 [at] 3:53 pm by Brad
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RIAA: Stickering Program Weakened By Downloading.

This is the most hilarious thing in the world.

Posted on - October 4, 2002 [at] 1:12 pm by Brad
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