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I’m not sure if it’s related to the lightning storm the other night or what, but the right input channel on my Echo Darla24 sound card has taken to cutting out all the time, making it really rough to record anything. If I play around with the breakout box enough I can temporarily get it working, but it cuts out shortly afterwards and then I cry and cry and cry.

I’ve been having this problem on and off for a couple of months, but I always assumed cables were dying and I replaced them and that seemed to make things a little bit better for a while. But I’ve now tried three different sets of cables and the right input continues to cut out. A loose connection inside the breakout box? A message from god? If it dies completely I’ll have to start researching what the hell I’m supposed to replace it with and who I have to kill to get the money and how I can really make it look like an accident and maybe what sort of Canadian arts grants might be available to assist me in all this.

If that all fails, I plan to escape into the woods with my four track, acoustic guitar and enough canned goods to keep me alive and I’ll record some sort of all acoustic guitar anti-technology concept album that will be so full of pain and sadness that I’ll be inundated with cards and letters and money from apologetic engineers for the rest of my life. I’ll accept the money, but not the apologies.

Posted on - August 6, 2002 [at] 7:20 pm by Brad
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