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My 56k modem (Which only ever worked at 28.8k due to my rotten phone lines) was fright Wednesday night in some sort of freak Canadian lightning storm. I was forced to go out and spend $150 on a new retardedly slow modem Thursday morning because I’m a slave to the Internet and I had given away all my backup modems to friends and family over the years. I will never be nice to anyone ever again, especially my friends and family.

I also tried to install Movable Type because while I like to think of myself as a slick web programmer who doesn’t need no prefab scripts, this weblog package I wrote for Brad Sucks could use an overhaul and various sexy features (such as commenting, a posting form that works, RSS feeds, and decent category archiving), but I don’t have the time to spend on writing them lately. Installing cgi-bin managed to screw up just about everything that was good and pure about this server and I’ve given up for now because I don’t have the time to waste on that either. All in all, time to waste has hit an all time low in the Bradiverse, which is unfortunate because it’s one of my strongest skills.

Posted on - August 3, 2002 [at] 10:52 am by Brad
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