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So I’ve been anticipating the release of Acid 4.0 for oh, about as long as I’ve been using Acid 3. And it’s finally out! Hooray for everything! You should download the 27 meg demo and play with it!

It promises various sexy things that I’ve wanted for a long, painful time such as plug-in effects automation, ASIO driver support, MIDI piano roll, and VSTi plug-in support. Not to mention there are a whole bunch of other things on the new feature list that I’m sure will impress the pants off me as well.

The main thing I worry about is stability. One of the great things about Acid is that it rarely crashes, which is fantastic because nothing makes you want to hurt adorable little animals more than losing your work. Even if it’s just the last ten minutes, it’s still awful. As I’ve learned from previous crashes throughout my computer-using career, I can do a surprising amount in ten minutes.

I’m installing it now. More as it happens.

Posted on - August 27, 2002 [at] 1:50 pm by Brad
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Neat! Philip Jones of the BeatBlog I mentioned the other day did a nifty remix of my song Difficult Situation. I’ve put it online here. There’s also a link to it on the sidebar and I plan to eventually do a page specifically for remixes so I can offer a bit more information about the people that send them in.

If you’ve got a remix or something based off of my stuff, please e-mail me a URL where I can check them out. Large e-mail attachments get eaten.

Posted on - August 21, 2002 [at] 1:50 pm by Brad
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Difficult Situation Remix

This remix of Difficult Situation was done by Philip Jones, author of the BeatBlog. It is noisy and experimental and neat.

Posted on - August 21, 2002 [at] 1:50 pm by Brad
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In between work and hiding from work I should be doing, I’ve gotten the chance to talk to some people who are doing some very interesting musical things on the net lately. One is Philip Jones, who sent me a link to his BeatBlog, a very neat project where he creates and gives away beats he makes. Philip is also holding a contest you can read about over here.

He’s also made this neat program called Gbloink! which generates neat music in handy pinball format which is worth checking out if you’re into that sort of thing like I am.

Posted on - August 19, 2002 [at] 1:55 pm by Brad
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Surprise surprise, I’ve put another damn song online. This one’s called Everything is Great. It’s a ballady string thing. I’m tired of listening to it and dealing with it and getting my ass kicked by my mediocre skills and lack of skilled professionals to guide me, so off it goes onto the Internet. Bye bye little song! Bye bye!

Posted on - August 14, 2002 [at] 5:56 pm by Brad
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Everything is Great
Genre: Stringy acoustic ballad
Time: 3:42
Date: 8/14/2002

This one was written on the piano and turned into an acoustic guitar track and then I got all crazy with the strings and synths. It was written and recorded over the course of about five days, complicated by my sound card half dying. I have no other fun information about this song.

Posted on - August 14, 2002 [at] 3:03 pm by Brad
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So the site was down over the weekend because apparently I’m a huge idiot. Despite being a l33t net veteran web programmer cool dude, I managed to assume that my registrar would remind me that my domain was about to expire (other registrars for my other domains always have), but instead they only sent me an e-mail a week and a half after it had expired for some reason. My bad for assuming they’d compensate for my laziness. I have received my nerd demerit points and set my Palm Pilot to remind me next year.

I have a couple of songs almost ready to go online — I’m just waiting for the planets to align in such a way that gives me some time and relative quiet for recording. There is sawing and hammering and nail gunning going on one floor above me. If it goes on much longer, I may wind up going in a more experimental direction. I could record ten minutes of the noise, title it Construction/Deconstruction in the Key of Hate (Crickets, Faint Talking and Footsteps in the Background Remix), MP3 it, slap it online and call it a day.

Posted on - August 13, 2002 [at] 11:30 am by Brad
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I seem to be able to get my Darla to work for limited amounts of time before the it craps out on me. I recorded most of a song yesterday, having to occasionally re-record stuff because the left channel just didn’t show up sometimes. Today I’ve started looking around to see how much a replacement card might set me back. So far it’s looking kind of expensive and complicated.

I found this sound card benchmark comparison, but a lot of the top of the line cards are a bit fancy for my needs. I don’t need a ton of outputs or inputs, I just need two ins, two outs, excellent sound and hopefully really good Windows XP drivers.

The search continues…

Posted on - August 8, 2002 [at] 11:44 am by Brad
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I’m not sure if it’s related to the lightning storm the other night or what, but the right input channel on my Echo Darla24 sound card has taken to cutting out all the time, making it really rough to record anything. If I play around with the breakout box enough I can temporarily get it working, but it cuts out shortly afterwards and then I cry and cry and cry.

I’ve been having this problem on and off for a couple of months, but I always assumed cables were dying and I replaced them and that seemed to make things a little bit better for a while. But I’ve now tried three different sets of cables and the right input continues to cut out. A loose connection inside the breakout box? A message from god? If it dies completely I’ll have to start researching what the hell I’m supposed to replace it with and who I have to kill to get the money and how I can really make it look like an accident and maybe what sort of Canadian arts grants might be available to assist me in all this.

If that all fails, I plan to escape into the woods with my four track, acoustic guitar and enough canned goods to keep me alive and I’ll record some sort of all acoustic guitar anti-technology concept album that will be so full of pain and sadness that I’ll be inundated with cards and letters and money from apologetic engineers for the rest of my life. I’ll accept the money, but not the apologies.

Posted on - August 6, 2002 [at] 7:20 pm by Brad
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My 56k modem (Which only ever worked at 28.8k due to my rotten phone lines) was fright Wednesday night in some sort of freak Canadian lightning storm. I was forced to go out and spend $150 on a new retardedly slow modem Thursday morning because I’m a slave to the Internet and I had given away all my backup modems to friends and family over the years. I will never be nice to anyone ever again, especially my friends and family.

I also tried to install Movable Type because while I like to think of myself as a slick web programmer who doesn’t need no prefab scripts, this weblog package I wrote for Brad Sucks could use an overhaul and various sexy features (such as commenting, a posting form that works, RSS feeds, and decent category archiving), but I don’t have the time to spend on writing them lately. Installing cgi-bin managed to screw up just about everything that was good and pure about this server and I’ve given up for now because I don’t have the time to waste on that either. All in all, time to waste has hit an all time low in the Bradiverse, which is unfortunate because it’s one of my strongest skills.

Posted on - August 3, 2002 [at] 10:52 am by Brad
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