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Here’s an interesting rant. In it, a woman named Shannon Campbell takes swearing issue with me and my stupid idea. There are a lot of things I’d like to say about this, but I’ll try to keep it brief so I don’t bore the tar out of you. Some replies to specific things she wrote:

I offer a great deal of my music for free – but all of my songs are copyrighted. The difference between Brad and myself, that I can see, is that if both of us were to get heard by some huge recording industry mogul on the same day, and said mogul wanted to record one of our tracks, said mogul would have to buy my track and pay me a royalty every time that bastard saw the light of day – but he could take Brad’s track, completely fuck up the arrangement, change the lyrics around to better suit Brittaney or NSYNC or Pink, and then sell a billion copies of the single without ever giving a dime (or a writing/arrangement/etc credit) to Brad.

That seems like kind of a silly thing to worry about, the odds of that happening being as poor as they are. In the absolute worst case — and least likely — scenario, I may miss out on a staggeringly huge paycheck and credit for songs I’ve written. That would be a drag, but I’m not playing the lottery here. I’m pretty sure that if I’m doing work good enough for moguls to steal and good enough to sell a billion copies, I’ll be okay in the long run.

To quote Eminem: What the fuck, is you stupid?

I think I’m about average.

The RIAA is never going to be able to stop an artist from distributing their own material, because the artist is the copyright holder. Brad’s distributing music that doesn’t belong to anyone (which I guess makes it public domain) and relying upon the kindness of strangers to give him a leg up somewhere down the road.

I always hope for kindness, but I don’t rely on it. It’s not like I’m mortgaging the house on this principle. What can anyone honestly expect from people? “Wow, a musician is giving his music away for free on the Internet! Honey, get me the checkbook!” It just doesn’t happen like that.

If there’s a living to be made in this crazy new frontier of Internet music, I think it’ll come from building an audience. Maybe touring, maybe merchandising, maybe a lot of other interesting ideas people have had. In the dark cyber-y future of the Internet, I don’t think copyright is going to matter much. It’s been mattering less and less every day since Napster hit the scene and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that that will probably continue.

Posted on - July 31, 2002 [at] 12:44 pm by Brad
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Brad Sucks was linked on Metafilter today, which means that this site is getting about a billion times the traffic it usually does. Hi to all the new people, I hope you enjoy the site, please come back often, etc.

I’ve gotten a lot of interesting e-mail and comments, which I’ll reply to as soon as things calm down and I’m not staple-gunning floor boards down.

Posted on - July 30, 2002 [at] 4:41 pm by Brad
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In case you’re checking this page looking for some stupid new songs, there are a few on the way. I’ve been busy and briefly sick with some sort of flu I had imported from Norway for me. In the meantime you should play with Viragelic and generate some random songs while looking forward to a time when tempermental (and not to mention lazy) artists are replaced by Flash applications.

Posted on - July 29, 2002 [at] 10:13 am by Brad
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Alan Lomax died on Friday. I had heard the name before, but didn’t know much about him. Turns out he was one of the pioneers of recording, which makes me like him an awful lot. From the article:

What Alan Lomax did was, in a way, inherently contradictory. He was terrified that recorded sound would eradicate the folk-singing tradition. Who needed to sing when you could play a record?

I’m sure a less hammered individual could probably draw similarities between his dilemma and the current situation with MP3s and the RIAA. So good luck to them.

Posted on - July 20, 2002 [at] 7:57 pm by Brad
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Reason 2.0 is the bees knees. I picked up my copy the other day and the Malstrom synth is a truly impressive piece of work. So much so that I’ve cleared off my newly-made Linux box for it and am now thinking about selling my Emu ESI-2000 sampler that I spent a lot of money on and almost never ever use. It’s been a year and change since I bought it and I don’t think I’ve ever fully recovered from the expensive and draining multi-month process of hooking it up to my computer. SCSI was very mean to me and I’ve been unable to put it behind us.

Posted on - July 10, 2002 [at] 10:43 am by Brad
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If you’re interested in the perspective of an experienced working musician on the entire file sharing issue, you should read this article by Janis Ian.

It describes the benefits of file sharing for musicians (exposure) and a number of the current problems facing established recording artists.

And as an interesting side note: I’d now like to check out some songs by Janis Ian, but Audiogalaxy is gone. The other file sharing clients are unreliable on my slow connection, so that’s that.

Posted on - July 3, 2002 [at] 12:40 pm by Brad
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