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In case you haven’t been paying attention, the RIAA’s been up to some pretty incredible stuff lately. First of all they managed to get Audiogalaxy (my favourite file sharing service) to block almost all songs available on their service, including mine. Thank you RIAA, that was really fantastic of you. Now that people can’t freely distribute my songs on the best service available for it (thereby decreasing my distribution and increasing my bandwidth costs), I just want to buy you dinner and then maybe make out for a while. I’d be far more understanding if I thought that they had actually put any kind of significant dent in commercial MP3 sharing, but as I’m sure you’re aware, everyone’s just heading off to other clients now to download Eminem’s singles.

Then there’s their hilarious fight against web radio. I keep trying to write a paragraph about this but I keep on falling off my chair laughing hysterically and drooling a bit. I wish this particular struggle had been going on when I was fifteen and hadn’t yet realized the nature of commercial radio. I could have had one of those eye-opening experiences people tell me about and stumbled around saying “whoah man, you mean like radio’s just like one big infomercial for albums? and they play ADS on it? trippy, dude!” if I had talked like that when I was fifteen.

All in all, it just makes me look forward to the horrible scary future of technology even more. Let’s just see how much you appreciate MP3 file sharing when I can clone myself up an Eminem to imprison in my basement and punch and kick into making new songs for me any time I want. Sue me for royalties? Eminem clone army coming your way, suckers. And giant robots. And really, really tiny robots. And maybe mid-size robots with giant knives.

Posted on - June 25, 2002 [at] 10:32 am by Brad
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