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In case you haven’t been paying attention, the RIAA’s been up to some pretty incredible stuff lately. First of all they managed to get Audiogalaxy (my favourite file sharing service) to block almost all songs available on their service, including mine. Thank you RIAA, that was really fantastic of you. Now that people can’t freely distribute my songs on the best service available for it (thereby decreasing my distribution and increasing my bandwidth costs), I just want to buy you dinner and then maybe make out for a while. I’d be far more understanding if I thought that they had actually put any kind of significant dent in commercial MP3 sharing, but as I’m sure you’re aware, everyone’s just heading off to other clients now to download Eminem’s singles.

Then there’s their hilarious fight against web radio. I keep trying to write a paragraph about this but I keep on falling off my chair laughing hysterically and drooling a bit. I wish this particular struggle had been going on when I was fifteen and hadn’t yet realized the nature of commercial radio. I could have had one of those eye-opening experiences people tell me about and stumbled around saying “whoah man, you mean like radio’s just like one big infomercial for albums? and they play ADS on it? trippy, dude!” if I had talked like that when I was fifteen.

All in all, it just makes me look forward to the horrible scary future of technology even more. Let’s just see how much you appreciate MP3 file sharing when I can clone myself up an Eminem to imprison in my basement and punch and kick into making new songs for me any time I want. Sue me for royalties? Eminem clone army coming your way, suckers. And giant robots. And really, really tiny robots. And maybe mid-size robots with giant knives.

Posted on - June 25, 2002 [at] 10:32 am by Brad
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I have a new track online, finally. It’s a happy sounding thing called Borderline and you can get the 128k MP3 here. I’ll have the music page up sometime soon and the source for it will be available on Brad Sucks Two eventually in case you’re into that.

Posted on - June 12, 2002 [at] 4:40 pm by Brad
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Genre: Pop/Hip Hop
Time: 3:12
Date: 6/12/2002
Album: Brad Sucks: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Borderline was written and recorded in about two days and is the first track I’ve completed after building my new home studio and using my Event 20-20bas monitors. I’m pretty happy with the result. I think the production quality is up a bit from my previous tracks and that makes me feel a bit better about all the money I blew on speakers and drywall. The song is about mental illness and is kind of fun.

Posted on - June 12, 2002 [at] 3:07 pm by Brad
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The other thing that’s been going on while I’ve been stupidly busy is that I briefly was an official objector to the proposed increased copyright levy on blank audio recording media up here in Canada. You can read about it here if it interests you, but the bottom line from that page is:

The current levy on CD-Rs is 21¢ each. The proposed CD-R levy is 59¢.

The proposed levy for MP3 players with non-removable hard drives is $21 per gigabyte.

The first one would affect me far more than the second, though they’re equally pretty awful. The money collected from this levy would apparently be distributed among Canadian artists most damaged by the rapid rise of music sharing/copying/piracy.

My arguments were a) that this proposed levy would hurt my ability to produce and sell CD-R’s of my music by raising my costs both in duplication and in backups. Neither of which have anything to do with taking money from any Canadian artists (except maybe me). And b) that 21$ per gigabyte is a hilarious amount of money, especially taking into consideration how huge, large, fast and compact storage is quickly becoming.

I was gung-ho about going the distance and attending meetings and maybe yelling "YOU’RE OUT OF ORDER!" once or twice, but I couldn’t get anyone to fill me in on how much time I was going to have to commit to Fighting the Man. So I’ve withdrawn as an objector and instead re-submitted my long-winded rant as a comment which is in the records and will hopefully persuade everyone to give in to reason and do exactly what I say.

Posted on - June 12, 2002 [at] 5:12 am by Brad
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I had forgotten to post this bit of news, but my track Gangsta Love is apparently going to be used as the theme for a series about the mob being filmed in Vancouver called "Jimmy Two Thumbs". I’ve read the treatment and it sounds like it could be pretty fun. I have no other info about the project, so if you ask me I will blink at you.

Posted on - June 12, 2002 [at] 4:53 am by Brad
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I finally finished putting together Brad Sucks One, my first open source CD release.

On top of getting CD quality versions of the songs available on the site, you also get the audio source and Sonic Foundry Acid project files of my tracks Difficult Situation and Overreacting for your tampering pleasure. You’re free to do whatever you want with the source files — and all for the low, low price of a measly ten American dollars.

Stay tuned for more tracks and the open source releases of those as well. Rock on.

Posted on - June 6, 2002 [at] 8:34 pm by Brad
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