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My little studio room is complete. The Event 20/20bas monitors have been purchased but not set up yet. I am now poor, sore, tired and my complaints about those things are more or less completely ignored by even those who love me. Also: I spent all of today setting up equipment and tomorrow I will continue to do the same, taking occasional breaks to fret about dampening the reflections in the small room and wonder if I’ll still be interested in making music by the time everything’s all set up. Probably I will, but it seems like an appropriate time to wonder such a stupid thing.

Posted on - April 18, 2002 [at] 12:28 am by Brad
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What they don’t tell you when you start down the path of rock stardom is how much time you’re going to spend in Home Depot.

Posted on - April 12, 2002 [at] 10:45 am by Brad
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Brad Sucks tracks seem to be available on Audiogalaxy now. Check it out here. Overreacting seems to be my least popular track, which is pretty neat. Luckily I’ve only got three songs, I make no money and am relatively unknown, so nobody’s bothered to accuse me of selling out or losing my hardcore edge with that track.

Posted on - April 4, 2002 [at] 2:33 pm by Brad
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Though it was delayed by the celebration of the death of Jesus, work on my little studio room continues. I’m thinking it’ll be approaching completion in about a week, though I’m unsure of how miserable insulating the ceiling and installing carpet is going to be, or how much additional sound dampening I’m going to have to do so that it’s not the little box of echoes it is now. After that I’ll be spending all my money in the universe on monitors, hooking everything up and then, finally, I’ll try to finish up the bunch of half-finished tracks I’ve got lying around and put them online.

Posted on - April 4, 2002 [at] 9:22 am by Brad
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