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Brad Sucks: Guess Who's a Mess album cover

Guess Who's a Mess, my third album. 10 tracks, instant downloads.

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I Don't Know What I'm Doing

I Don't Know What I'm Doing was originally released in 2003. One of the first albums to encourage file-sharing, it's spawned hundreds of remixes, wound up in new cars and on MTV and done pretty OK for itself despite being available for free.

Other places you can buy this album: Amazon, iTunes, Magnatune,
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1. Making Me Nervous download  
2. Look and Feel Years Younger download  
3. Fixing My Brain download  
4. Bad Attraction download  
5. Sick as a Dog download  
6. Borderline download  
7. I Think I Started a Trend download  
8. Never Get Out download  
9. Overreacting download  
10. Dirtbag download  
11. Time to Take out the Trash download  
12. Work out Fine download  

please steal this cd

I'd appreciate it if you'd copy I Don't Know What I'm Doing and share with your friends. High quality MP3s are also included on the CD if you'd like to send them around.  

thank you

Thanks to the podcasters, remixers and bloggers who spread the word about my music. And of course thanks to everyone who paid for the music even though they didn't have to.

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